Wisconsin Coworking Collective

We’re an assembly of independently owned and operated Wisconsin based coworking spaces. This website is designed to be a resource to support existing coworking owners/operators & members of coworking communities throughout the greater Wisconsin area.

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Please note that any spaces missing from this map have not been left off intentionally. Unfortunately we found that many spaces have yet to activate their Google My Business listing.

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New to the Coworking Movement?
Want to know what all the fuss is about?

You can read more about it here
Check out this video from our friends at Turnstone


Interested in more information on how coworking might be useful for you as a worker, as a business, or as a landlord? Maybe you have a service to share with coworking communities?  Shoot us a message with your questions and one of our team members will be in touch.

Our Objectives

1.  GROWING AWARENESS – Educating Wisconsin’s entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other location independent workers on the benefits of coworking, while building better, more inclusive and integrated business communities to facilitate collaboration and innovation.

2.  CONNECTING SPACES – Sharing best practices among spaces to strengthen all of our unique communities, and collaborate in supporting the new workforce.

3.  COLLECTIVE BARGAINING – Developing strength in numbers. Negotiating group discounts, extending service provider relationships, distributing sponsorship opportunities, and advocating for group health insurance for members.