Who is coworking for?

Coworking spaces are beneficial for just about anyone whose work is independent of location, including freelancers, small businesses, private practices, remote workers, and startups. Coworking is an excellent option for anyone looking to transition out of an isolated work environment (such as a home office or cafe) and into a creative workspace where they can network and take their productivity to the next level.

How does coworking work?

Like-minded people and businesses of all kinds come together in one facility to share resources, create a community, reduce operating costs, and work together in stimulating and mutually enriching environments. Use space as you need it – by the day, month, some spaces even offer by the hour.

Why is coworking better than a traditional office?

Affordable & Flexible –  Long-term leases are a huge commitment that can eat up your cash flow. Coworking membership plans are typically month-month, helping keep your overhead low so you can invest more in your business.

Scalable –  Only pay for the space you need. Need to upgrade or downgrade? Not a problem.

Hassle-Free – Don’t worry about who’s ordering more coffee or setting up the Internet. All of that is included in your monthly rent, so you can focus your time and energy where it counts… on your business!

Connecting  – You’ll share the space with other businesses and startups looking to grow. You can learn, teach, and do business with your new office mates.  Coworking is the new networking!